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Advice for New Pharmacy Graduates Category: Pharmacy by - May 18, 2014 | Views: 52182 | Likes: 7 | Comment: 4  

Embrace and Prepare for Change

You are entering the pharmacy profession at a time of change in the profession and in healthcare. There are many forces that are shaping the practice of pharmacy, defining how pharmacists will contribute in healthcare. Keep abreast of new laws and new practice opportunities. Do not be afraid of change — rather welcome and explore different ways of using your PharmD training. Be an agent of change and blaze a new direction for the pharmacy profession. Those who take advantage of new practice opportunities usually discover long - term career growth and job satisfaction. Those who are slow to adapt miss out on the tremendous opportunity that pharmacy offers. 

Consider the Road Less Traveled

Over the last few years, employment for traditional pharmacist roles in retail and hospital settings took a hit due to the economic downturn and the pressures of pharmacist supply versus demand. Many have preached demise of the pharmacy profession, citing how long it takes to find a traditional pharmacist job and the number of graduates from our pharmacy schools. While there is no arguing that the employment landscape has shifted new opportunities are also emerging and there is demand in nontraditional pharmacy jobs. Emerging opportunities include Medication Therapy Management and Tele-pharmacy. Pharmacist provider status in several states also will lead to new and exciting ways for the pharmacist to be reimbursed. There are also opportunities in nontraditional sectors such as academia, FDA, healthcare management, and the pharmaceutical industry. The explosion of healthcare information on the internet provides unique opportunities for pharmacists. 

The best strategy for new pharmacists is to be flexible in job location and type of pharmacy job. New graduates should plan to obtain additional credentials to qualify for more advanced practice jobs or nontraditional roles. Give yourself at least two or three options for your first job.



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