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Affiliate marketing for healthcare professionals and businesses.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where a company pays individuals or other businesses to promote or sell its products for a commission. Affiliate marketing can exist online or in the physical world. Affiliate marketing is an established strategy for businesses to market their products and for affiliates to generate revenue from their referrals. In online affiliate marketing, an advertising company pays a commission to publishers (website or content owners) who drive traffic to the company's products through banner ads or links placed on the publisher's website. 

In the physical world, affiliate marketing may simply be a referral relationship that does not place banner ads or links. In essence, affiliate marketing is a business relationship between an advertiser and individuals or businesses that can help the advertiser sell its products through online or personal referrals. 

Why should healthcare business consider affiliate marketing programs?

Many healthcare businesses are struggling and need additional sources of revenue to increase their bottom line or even offset the cost of their own marketing efforts. The right affiliate marketing program may help healthcare businesses monetize web traffic or existing client relationships. For example, a medical practice with an active blog may generate additional revenue from advertising a weight loss program or products they believe are beneficial to their patients and other readers of their blog. Revenue generated from an affiliate program may help reduce the frustration of reduced insurance reimbursements. 

Why should healthcare professionals participate in affiliate marketing programs?

Many healthcare professionals seek additional sources of revenue beyond income from their regular employment. Consulting, speaking, and writing are popular strategies for professionals to generate additional income and maximize the value of their education and expertise. Additional income may help save for a home, pay college loans, pay for their children's college, save for retirement, or prepare for economic downturns and layoffs. Healthcare professionals who are not monetizing their expertise beyond their paycheck are losing an opportunity to maximize their earning potential. 

Healthcare professionals able to commit to building and maintaining a blog or website may use affiliate marketing to generate revenue. Professionals should also find ways to leverage their virtual and real-world social and professional networks to succeed in affiliate marketing. What is the point of all those Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn connections if they cannot help you improve your life? Affiliate marketing offers an opportunity for all healthcare professionals to generate additional income by engaging their network or marketing to their online audience. 

What should healthcare businesses and professionals know about affiliate marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing is profitable, but it is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time, strategy, and commitment.
  • Partner with advertisers offering products or services that your audience or network will find useful.
  • Increase you chance of success by promoting products or services that are closely related to your area of expertise.
  • Believe in the products or services your are promoting to your audience. 

Where can you learn more about affiliate marketing or find programs?

Start by reading free content on the web about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing courses are available for those who need more guidance. You can also find affiliate marketing programs on the web. There are affiliate marketing opportunities for:

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Healthcare educational courses and exam preparation
  • Healthcare publications
  • Healthcare and beauty products

Does RxEconsult offer an affiliate program?

RxEconsult offers its members and an opportunity to earn income by becoming an affiliate faculty member.  Affiliate members receive income for publishing articles. Learn more about the program on the Affiliate Program page.  


Affiliate marketing is an established strategy for healthcare professionals and businesses to generate revenue by leveraging their existing professional or social networks and online audience. It provides an avenue for everyone to monetize their expertise and use their relationships to generate income while introducing people to useful resources and products. 


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