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Premium Europe, a website dedicated to luxury travel and private medical tourism in Europe, provides their insight about medical tourism in Europe and scheduling treatment abroad in our second installment about medical tourism.

European Medical Tourism

What is medical tourism

Medical tourism means traveling abroad for treatment of all types, including aesthetic procedures, necessary surgery, medical check-ups and health and spa retreats. This term refers to all types of illnesses — while many people may travel abroad for elective procedures, there are many other reasons to seek out medical treatment in another country.

Why do Americans travel abroad for healthcare

Americans may travel abroad because treatment is unavailable, of poor quality or too expensive in their home country. In the case of some illnesses, treatment options may be more advanced in other countries due to research at local institutions. Patients who travel for cosmetic procedures, weight loss programs or detox retreats may also want to combine their medical treatment with a foreign holiday in luxurious surroundings.

What are the top European medical tourism destinations

The main destinations are in Berlin, Munich, London, Zurich and Geneva. These cities have a long history of excellence in private healthcare in terms of clinical excellence and customer service. They also offer less obvious benefits like superb luxury hotels, expertise in helping international patients travel to their clinic and many options for accompanying family members.

What are the most common procedures that patients requests

We are often contacted by patients who are looking for very specialized, high end medicine, for example requests for complicated cancer treatment. Often, our patients have exhausted all options in their home country. We also receive many requests from patients who want to give birth in our partner clinics and for a wide variety of aesthetic procedures including surgery and non-invasive therapies.

Do insurance companies pay for care received abroad

In general, American insurance companies do not pay for care received abroad. In private clinics in Switzerland and the European Union, patients are expected to pay the full amount for treatment upfront.

What is the process for scheduling treatment abroad

Before you schedule treatment abroad, you should be in possession of your complete medical history records. You can then contact the clinic with your case to schedule a consultation and appointments with doctors.  Once this has happened, you will be sent an invoice for the treatment, and booked in for your surgery or treatment. If you are traveling to give birth, you should take into account medically recommended restrictions on flying in the later months of pregnancy before you plan your travel.

What are the typical costs

The typical cost for treatment in our clinics is between 10.000-300.000 euros. This obviously varies widely depending on the complexity of your treatment and the optional services you ask for: many clinics offer different accommodation grades, the chance to have a private room, airport transfers, visa services and medical interpreters at extra cost.

What should patients look for when selecting treatment centers

The quality of clinical care is very important. The best clinics should give you details of their doctors experience in terms of their CV, research interests and the number of clinical cases they have worked on. Other criteria to consider includes the personal services that are available to you to make your stay more comfortable, and whether the clinic has an international department to help foreign patients.

About the Author

Premium Europe is a website dedicated to luxury travel and private medical tourism in Europe. A qualified medical expert will review your case and help you choose the best clinic for your needs from among our partners in Switzerland, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. 

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