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Benefits Of A Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Lookup And Analysis Tool Category: Healthcare Administration by - January 18, 2016 | Views: 21962 | Likes: 0 | Comment: 0  

Medicare Fee Schedule Lookup And Analysis Tool

Are you tired of revamping your revenue cycle, time and again? Every time you are finally set, another Medicare update rolls out and upsets the cart. Every time Medicare revises its fee schedule it has ripple effects across the healthcare continuum. 

How do you roll with the punches in the super-competitive healthcare environment?  

There are several tools in the market that help in financial forecasting and resource planning. The catch is that most of them are complicated, and users will have to navigate steep learning curves.

Would you like a simple lookup tool that helps you run comparison reports between current and previous physician fee schedules or a free, online, tool that can help you gauge the impact of Medicare fee updates?

Now, there is a smart and efficient tool that can help doctors analyze the impact of latest Medicare fee updates.

The lookup and analysis tool has several features that can help medical practices be prepared for reimbursement fluctuations. As reimbursement cuts are on the rise and several specialties are facing the heat of reduced revenue it is imperative that physicians negotiate smarter contracts.

“It is a tool that will be of great help to physicians in this climate of uncertainty. It is a simple, no-frills-attached tool. It runs comparison reports between current fee updates, and the, previous year’s fees. The extensive reports will enable physicians to know how reimbursement cuts or increases will have an impact in their current fee schedule and how best to handle the changes ahead”, says Clara, the product development head at PracticeBridge Inc.  

The major benefits of installing the tool are, negotiating better performing contracts and making swifter and more information backed financial decisions. And in the current healthcare climate, that is precisely what healthcare professionals need.

“You can call it the financial forecasting tool,” says Clara. “It gives a lot of clarity. And the reports are detailed. Users will have to key in CPT codes and the number of units billed into the Medicare fee schedule impact analysis tool. The tool will run concise comparison reports”, she adds. It offers state-wise reports, as billing regulations differ across different states.

According to Clara, users of the tool are happy with the precise reports it runs. “We’ve been receiving lots of appreciation from physicians and practice managers”, she says.

Try the Medicare fee schedule impact analysis tool and provide your feedback.

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