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 Specialized Healthcare Staffing

Why should healthcare organizations use a specialized staffing firm?

Some healthcare organizations think that because they have an HR department they do not need a staffing firm; the job of hiring new staff is being taken care of. Others think that a Vendor Management System (VMS) will be enough to help the HR department hire the people they need. There is nothing wrong in using this department or this service when you hire support personnel, but what do you do when you want to hire a Director of Emergency Services, or need an Interim CFO? 

The HR department or the VMS will place all the applicants in the same bin without any distinction of experience and qualifications. Here are other reasons why you need a specialized staffing firm:

A specialized staffing firm has years of experience placing healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

A specialized staffing firm differs from a VMS or a traditional staffing agency because they provide a full-service component of services ranging from locum tenens placements for vacation coverage, staff shortage, case overload, or interim leadership contracts to aid a department in transitioning to executive search and engaged search.

A specialized staffing firm has a team of seasoned recruiters with a widespread network of professionals in the healthcare industry that includes proven top performers and passive candidates; individuals who are the best in their area, but are not currently seeking new opportunities and do not read job wanted ads. In addition, the staffing firm pre-screens all applicants so you don’t have to invest your valuable time in reviewing hundreds of resumes from applicants who do not meet the position profile or your company culture. 

The firm’s recruiters invest their time and resources to check all references. Recruiters go through a rigorous training program to enhance their ability to exceed your expectations and offer a unique understanding of the staffing issues facing your organization, and provide viable solutions leading to the fulfillment of your needs. 

Your professional recruiter will create a profile for your company to better understand you and your organization. The use of a staffing firm allows you to focus on your job, without overlooking the real function of your department.

A healthcare staffing firm offers you confidentiality when you need to replace an existing employee, allowing you to select viable candidates before releasing an employee. This saves your department any uncomfortable situation and reduces work interruption.

Best of all, a reputable staffing firm offers guarantees. You may incur the same out of pocket costs if you hire through your HR department or VMS, but the staffing firm will replace any candidates that do not fit at no additional charge, and you won’t have to start your search all over!


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