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Just-in-Time Delivery

About 95% of the patients in Tyson Drug’s med sync program also receive free delivery. When Lomenick began the program, he divided the region into quadrants, with a vertical line and a horizontal line, to designate four delivery days. The program has grown so much that the pharmacies now have 26 delivery areas with 30 to 40 patients each. When a new person joins the program, the delivery driver knows by the location which group the pharmacy needs to put that person in.

In addition to calling patients before filling their medications, the pharmacies call them just before delivery. Deliveries are then timed so that the patient’s first dose in the compliance package is for that evening. Otherwise, even with compliance packaging some patients might still struggle to stay on track if their new doses arrive a few days early, Lomenick explained.

A staff member told Lomenick one day about a patient who called to thank the pharmacy for the program. Before this program, the woman said, “I worried all day every day if I was taking my medication correctly …. It’s like a cloud has been lifted.”

Lomenick’s family also noticed the difference the program made in the pharmacy owner. “You’re fun again,” Lomenick’s son told him one day. “When we call the pharmacy, you can actually talk to us. You’re a changed person.”

“I went to school a long time to learn how to manage medications,” Lomenick said. With medication synchronization, he now has time to do that, instead of just rushing to fill prescriptions.

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