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Best Websites for Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information Category: Healthcare Models by - July 28, 2012 | Views: 26118 | Likes: 2 | Comment: 1  

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As the largest change to how health care will be provided and paid for in recent years, understanding the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is important for anyone working in a health related field. Unfortunately at well over 2,000 pages that is easier said than done. For individuals looking for a good overview of the most important parts of the healthcare law, here are some good websites.

1. is good for getting a solid basic overview of all parts of the law. The site has several key sections regarding the Affordable Care Act including a list of the law’s key features, a timeline for what is changing when, a section with information on how different individuals will be affected based on their demographics and information on how the law will implemented across the country. Additionally, the site offers visitors the option to read the full law if you so choose.

Example of a Question the Site Can Answer: When do the different changes go into effect, and what are they?


Most Useful Section: Reform Timeline

2. is the best website for getting up to date information about the status of the Affordable Care Act. This includes blog posts, videos and a photo gallery. The most useful parts are the press articles. Whenever there is a new development regarding the law, the website is updated with the new information. However, since the site covers many political issues, you will have to use the search feature to find information about the Affordable Care Act.

Example of a Question the Site Can Answer: What are the latest statements and changes made regarding the law?


Most Useful Section: Up to Date List of Press Articles

3. focuses on how the different fees and taxes will work in the Affordable Care Act. This includes information for individuals, businesses, Medicare users, the coverage of older children and even the excise tax on indoor tanning. The main page deals with a basic overview of every section subject to new financial requirements and includes links that provide more detailed information regarding particular areas that one can peruse for greater clarification.

Example of a Question the Site Can Answer: How are my taxes going to change?


Most Useful Section: Small Business Tax Credits

4. is the website of The Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight. This site covers what the current areas of emphasis are in integrating the Affordable Care Act into the current system. It also provides information regarding how insurance programs will change and what health insurance market reforms will go into effect.

Example of a Question the Site Can Answer: How will this affect my current and future insurability?


Most Useful Section: Health Insurance Market Reforms

As the law is implemented over the course of the next few years, it is important for you and your loved ones to know what changes are going into effect. These sites are excellent resources for understanding these changes.


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