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Arthritis Fingers

Get Out of Pain and Take Control of Your Arthritis.

While arthritis has been plaguing man since the dawn of time, there are many things about the disease of which most people are unaware. Nearly 50 million (one in six people) suffer from some form of Arthritis. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are the best known over the 100 chromic diseases of the joints, bones, and muscles. The pain and limited mobility caused by arthritis and related joint diseases can destroy a person's way of life and dramatically reduce their job performance.

According to the government figures, arthritis affects about 36 percent of obese American adults. A healthy body weight is important to the health of your overall body, including your joints. Joints that are stressed and strained by bearing the burden of excess pounds show more wear and tear, inflammation, and stiffness, leading to arthritis pain. The following will help reduce your arthritis pain:

  • Exercise
  • Eat a healthy Diet
  • Get Vitamin C
  • Keep Track of Your Weight
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Chiropractic Care

Arthritis is closely linked to other health conditions, particularly heart disease and diabetes. As many as 57 percent of adults diagnosed with heart disease also have arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis is actually considered a heart disease risk factor. Half of all those with diabetes will also develop arthritis.

Medicine offers no cure for arthritis. Since the underlying cause is unknown, symptom treatments including a lifetime of drugs for the pain and inflammation, heat, hot packs or exercises in warm water are suggested.

For over a century arthritic patients have benefited from chiropractic care. Chiropractic care has even reversed osteoarthritis–something that was considered to be impossible. Through chiropractic care removing or releasing blockages from your spine and structural system treats arthritis patients.

Too many doctors spend wasted time naming the patients rheumatic diseases. More time should be spend on conducting chiropractic analysis to identify subluxations and carefully research a patient's history to uncover personal habits that may have contributed to the development of the conditions. 
Chiropractic helps turn on your "inner healer," your inner healing ability. When you are free of subluxations your body functions better. That is why anyone with arthritis needs a chiropractic check up to locate and remove their subluxations.

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