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MBA and Pharmacy Degree


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Pharmacy school is challenging because the program is rigorous and time-consuming. Many students may feel they have no time to do anything else other than study and attend classes. However, from my own experience, it is possible to find time for obtaining a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Having an MBA can lay the foundation for combining business management with pharmacy practice. It can broaden your skill set and your viewpoint when working in the pharmacy. How is it possible to attend pharmacy school and concurrently complete an MBA program? An online MBA program is one solution for completing both degrees. 

There are many MBA programs to choose from. However, the healthcare management program is especially useful for pharmacists. Healthcare management is one of the MBA programs offered by Davenport University where I am obtaining my MBA. Many universities have online programs for students who have constraints in attending classroom lectures. Online programs are a convenient way to earn an MBA degree while in pharmacy school.

What is healthcare management or healthcare administration?

An MBA in healthcare management focuses on many aspects of business, especially those related to health care. Some of the major subjects covered in healthcare management include strategic, financial, and ethical decision-making skills in the health care environment. The program prepares students for management of diverse health care processes that are necessary for corporate growth and development. 

Which courses are offered in the health care management MBA?

  • Examples of Core Courses include:

  • Managerial Accounting

  • Business Analysis

  • Financial Management

  • Organizational Development and Culture

  • Marketing Strategies

Other courses offered include: 

  • Health Care Organization

  • Ethical and Legal Perspective in Health Care

  • Medical Practice Management

  • Financial Management for Health Care

  • Strategic Management in Health Care

  • Information Management in Health Care

  • Managing Human Resources or Certified Manager Prep or Managing Projects

  • Strategic Management and Planning or Global Business Strategies


Find Pharmacy Jobs At The Healthcare Career Center


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