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Dangerous And Deadly Dietary Supplements Category: Diet & Weight Loss by - October 15, 2015 | Views: 72386 | Likes: 1 | Comment: 2  

Banned dietary supplements

Lamar Odom experienced multiple strokes and organ failure from misuse of herbal sexual performance enhancement supplements and other illegal substances. Lamar Odom’s serious medical condition resulting from the use of these products demonstrates the significant dangers of using unapproved dietary supplements, especially when they are combined with other stimulants.

Herbal supplements are promoted as safe and natural alternatives to prescription medication for improving sexual performance, reducing high blood pressure, weight loss, and treating diabetes. They are sold over the counter at many food stores and over the internet. These supplements are far from effective and many of them are not safe. They are promoted as natural products, however, they are not natural since they contain active chemicals synthesized in a laboratory.

Consumers are placed at risk because these highly active chemicals are not always disclosed and they have the potential to interact with other medications or substances and cause considerable harm. Essentially, these dietary supplements are really unapproved drugs that contain enough active ingredient to cause serious side effects and drug interactions. Many of these supplements are a serious health hazard and the FDA is trying to prevent the sale of these products. In the last few years, the FDA has taken action against manufacturers of dietary supplements containing unapproved ingredients. 

Here are 34 dangerous dietary supplements that have been banned by the FDA. If you are taking any of these supplements or are planning to purchase these potentially deadly substances online, stop and seek proper treatment for your condition. 


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