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Gossiping Coworkers

How To Manage Work Challenges Like Dealing With An Annoying Co-worker

By: Karine Wong, Pharm. D.

You are a hospital pharmacist, working the day shift with 3 other pharmacists. You get along with everyone, except for one female pharmacist. For the past 6 months, she has been constantly watching you clock in and out, go on breaks, and routinely checks your warfarin dosing changes. She immediately notifies the director every time you are late (even by a few minutes), takes 20-minute breaks instead of 15, or make slightly different drug recommendations from her own. When she’s in your presence, she appears friendly and feigns ignorance about your tardiness and occasional long breaks. The director has not mentioned these issues to you, yet you are concerned that her comments will damage your upcoming job performance review. What would you do?

What would you do?

By: Lois Bui, Pharm. D.

Working with different personalities is part of life. Working with difficult people is a skill that is not taught in school. Even the most educated people in the world may not know how to handle this type of people. But what makes this situation so unbearable? There are 3 reasons. First of all, people have to work to make a living. You cannot quit because a co-worker gave you the “finger” or was condescending towards you. Second, the stress of our personal lives combined with the stress of our working lives tend to play out in confrontations. So, it’s best to control and contain the conflict before it erupts. And finally, co-workers are co-workers, not friends. 


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