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How to Target your Niche Market without Expensive SEO


Promoting your business online and ranking high in Google search results for keywords relevant to your niche is a big focus for many entrepreneurs. Hence the proliferation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies. For every business that found success using SEO there are probably just as many or even more that did not achieve desired results. The reasons are obvious. It is impossible for every website to rank on page 1 of Google search and honestly many SEO companies are over promising. Recent Google Panda and Penguin updates have also reduced the effectiveness of many SEO practices. For many businesses, chasing Google ranking becomes a huge focus and drain on marketing dollars. If you are a startup without a big marketing budget chasing Google rankings by using SEO may crush your business. Monthly SEO spend can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars without any guarantees of success. Do you really want to play the SEO game if you have limited funding?

If you have tried SEO and got burned or simply do not want to commit marketing dollars to SEO there are other strategies. Here are two strategies that may work for certain types of niche businesses and when used correctly can provide qualified traffic to your website for little or no cost. Both strategies involve focusing on your niche audience instead of trying to rule Google search results.

Niche Content Marketing

Content marketing is cheap and effective internet marketing. Content marketing simply means creating and sharing content that is useful to others. As they discover your content they discover your business also. Simply stated “Share Knowledge and Get Discovered”. If you share what you know and provide useful information to others they will follow you, share your content, and if what you are selling meets their needs they will buy from you. YOU DO NOT NEED SEO TO SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW.

Publish Articles on Your Website Regularly

If you have a blog write useful articles related to your niche and people will discover and most importantly share your content. Interestingly, this is also a great strategy to rank high on Google search results. Content can also be in the form of videos, slides, pictures, and podcasts.

Publish Articles on High Ranking Niche Websites

Publish articles on other websites in your niche that allow guest blogging and include links to your website in the article. This strategy is great because you are leveraging the visibility and authority of an already established website that has traffic interested in your content and most likely your business. This strategy does not directly drive traffic to your website unless readers click on your link. However, the increased visibility and back links to your website are useful and can eventually yield more traffic.

Promote your Content through Niche Social Media

Social media marketing (SMM) is more complex than sharing your articles on social media sites. This article will only focus on the content sharing aspects. If you have a website that is not very visible you may wait forever for your content to be discovered. Why not start the sharing and let others carry it further online. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin and other large social networks are a good place to start. Do not ignore niche social networks because they already have a captive audience interested in your content. Also use content curators like Digg, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon.

Social media article promotion has many benefits such as immediate traffic, captive audience, building your page, and increased chance that your content will be shared. The other less recognized benefit is that social sharing increases your rank in search results. Share your articles on Google+ and discover what I mean.

Advertise in Top Ranked Articles

If you cannot post content to your blog or publish on other sites regularly then this option may work for your business. Rather than spend all your marketing dollars competing with larger companies for pay per click advertising, advertise in a high ranking article specific to your niche. Simply search the keywords you are interested in, read the top articles, see if the websites accepts advertising in the article, advertise your products, website, or service. The advantage of this strategy is you are targeting an audience that is interested in your product because they are reading the article. This type of advertising can be much cheaper than pay per click or advertising on the entire website. There is no need to worry about keywords, SEO, or writing the content. It may not deliver a large number of visitors to your websites but those who follow your link are probably interested in your offer. This could be a great strategy for increasing conversions.

Who should Advertise in Top Ranked Articles or use Content Marketing

Small businesses


Authors promoting their books


Dental practices

Medical practices


Anyone who does not have a big budget for SEO or advertising


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