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Pharmaceutical Jobs

This post may be helpful if you are looking for pharmaceutical industry jobs. Not long ago I was looking for a job. Here are some tips based on my job search experience and what I know now.

Career Counseling

If you have the opportunity to use a career counselor take it. Depending on the circumstances your previous company may cover the bill. The company I used provided resume services, interview and negotiations skills workshops, and several home study courses.

Resume building

Write an accomplishment resume targeted to the position you are applying for. This approach will help you highlight your accomplishments and set your resume apart from others. If you did it, do not be shy about saying what you accomplished and the benefit to your employer or the outcome.


Contact your colleagues and ask them to forward your resume to their contacts if there are no opportunities at their companies. Fortunately insider information is legal when it comes to finding a job. Your chances of landing an interview are greater if you are introduced by an employee of the company.

This site was not available during my job search. Here you can search several thousand job sites from one platform. I would start here if I were searching for a job today. It is more convenient than visiting numerous web sites and it is free.

This was my main resource for online job posts and this is how I found my current role. Post your resume, set up a search criteria and automatic job notification. Newer job sites may be more useful than Monster these days. 


Linked in is not just for networking with colleagues. Many jobs are posted on Linkedin and recruiters are using Linkedin to identify potential candidates. Complete your Linkedin profile and let it work for you. Also join Linkedin groups for more opportunities to network and be visible. Join Healthcare Businesses & Professionals group to network and receive job updates.

Company Websites

Many companies are using their websites to find potential candidates in order to save the cost of paying recruiters. Ensure that your resume is optimized for web submission and it has the right keywords for the job you are seeking (include keywords from the job posting in your resume). Record every company and job that you have submitted your resume to.


Pharmaceutical industry recruiters are very helpful and are knowledgeable about opportunities in the industry. They also have an extensive network. You can find recruiters on Linkedin and RxEconsult or ask your colleagues for recommendations.


Consider consulting or temporary positions while you are looking for that permanent role. The income is good and you can continue to build your resume. Consulting or temporary positions may lead to permanent positions. Join RxEconsult to network and promote yourself.

Come back to tell us about your success and what you learned that may help others in their job search. Good luck job hunting and remember it is about knowledge (expertise) and how you "sell yourself".

Find Pharmaceutical Industry Jobs

Drug Safety (Pharmacovigilance)



Medical Director

Clinical Research Associates (CRA)

Medical Science Liaison (MSL)

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