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Great Interview Questions for Pharmacists

What Are Great Questions To Ask During the Pharmacy Interview?

Dear Pharmacy Doctor

Recently, I completed a pharmacy residency and applied to several hospitals in my area. I received a call from a hospital and scheduled an interview. My friends told me that pharmacy directors are extremely picky and rely heavily on the interview. They also told me to ask really good questions but I don’t know what to ask. Are there really good questions to ask during the pharmacy interview?


New Grad

Dear New Grad:

This is a very good question and quite a popular one among my students. Great interview questions should be prepared prior to the interview, well-composed, and articulated when asked. The questions should you make you look prepared, intelligent, and excited to be part of the team. The type of questions you will ask should project your confidence, intelligence, and personality. Without questions, the interviewer will have little to rely on to assess your confidence, intelligence, and personality. According to John Kador, author of “201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview," he writes that there are 10 common reasons why the interview can end unfavorably.

1) Candidate doesn’t ask any questions

2) Candidate speaks poorly of past employer(s)

3) Candidate cannot take criticism

4) Candidate has a poor appearance

5) Candidate appears lazy, cynical, and indecisive

6) Candidate appears egotistical and overbearing

7) Candidate is late to the interview

8) Candidate does not make eye contact with the interviewer

9) Candidate cannot express themselves clearly

10) Candidate emphasizes too much on money

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What makes a great pharmacy interview questions? Great questions begin with preparation. Carefully think about your role, the company, and the department. Write down your questions in a notebook. Questions should be short open-ended questions about the company or the department that you are potentially working in. The following are examples of good questions, assuming that they have not been discussed yet during the interview.

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