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Questions To Ask During A Pharmacy Interview

a.) Do you have any concerns about my resume that I can clear up?

b.) Why do you enjoy working for this company?

c.) Can you describe the work environment here?

d.) What major problems are we facing now in this department or position?

e.) What processes are in place to reduce medication errors?

f.) What processes are in place to reduce antibiotic resistance?

g.) I read that the hospital ranked in the top 100 hospitals. How did the pharmacy department contribute to the hospital’s success?

h.) How would you describe the relationship between the medical staff and the pharmacy department?

Poor questions are those that can be looked up or those that are answered during the interview. Therefore, it’s imperative to be an active listener during the interview. If you have questions about what the company is about, who are the members of the governing board, or what the health benefits are, then you should be researching for your answers prior to the interview. Most answers can be found on the company’s website. After jotting a few notes for your questions, refer to Pharmacy Jobs Interview Guide for New Graduates for more interview tips. Good luck!


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Dr. Karine Wong has a 10-year history of working in hospital management and 2 years as a hospital pharmacist and outpatient pharmacist. She recently published a children's book called Don't Sit on Her.

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