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(6) 99 out of 100 times, it is flatly inadvisable to ever sign a DEA Form 104, which is a “Voluntary Surrender of DEA Certificate.”  Agents may shove this form in front of you, or may offer it in a conciliatory tone, or may imply that if you sign it, things may go better for you. Don’t believe it. Once you sign the form, you are admitting that you did something wrong – even if you haven’t – and it’s very, very difficult, time-consuming and expensive to get your DEA certificate back. There is no appeal from a signed Form 104.  You have to start all over, with a mark against you. 

(7) Law enforcement agents love to tell you that “calling your lawyer only complicates things,” or “if you’ll just tell us your side, maybe we can clear this whole thing up.”  Only a fool – or a highly trained, highly intelligent professional presently scared out of his or her mind – would believe this. Don’t be deceived. Stay strong and stay cool. You got through medical school and residency.  You can get through this, even if your insistence on contacting your lawyer annoys the people who at the moment are trying to ruin your life.

(8) Finally, remember that a raid is not the beginning, and it’s far from the end. Once the cops leave, there’s only more in store. A prosecutor will be reviewing evidence and deciding whether to charge you with crimes. It could also mean that a charge has already been filed against you.  When you’re sick, you call a doctor.  When you’re in legal trouble, you call a lawyer. Get on the phone immediately, retain counsel, don’t be pennywise and pound foolish, and make sure you protect your liberty, your license and your livelihood. You are not alone in this horrible situation unless you force yourself to be.

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