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How does a Pharmacist Become an Expert Witness

How does one get started in the field of Pharmacy Expert Witnessing? If you happen to know of a patient or attorney that may have a medical case involving allegations of sub-standard prescribing or monitoring- you can offer to review the case for a fee. It would not be a bad idea to check your state's legal nurse consultant’s webs site or professional organizations such as the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and the American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL). Once you get a case and have reviewed it, I would advise you to thoroughly investigate the medical or pharmacological literature on the topic before providing your opinion. Facts win cases, not just opinions. If it involves a medication that has an FDA black box warning or FDA-mandated med-guide requirement, be sure to examine the dates that these were approved for a specific drug.


The public's high regard for Pharmacists is a longstanding trend. Pharmacists have placed at or near the top in Gallup's Honesty and Ethics survey, which gauges the public's trust for decades. As one of the most trusted professions, a jury would be expected to consider the expert pharmacist's conclusion about a case involving patient harm resulting from inappropriate medication prescribing or failure to warn issues. The public's high regard for Pharmacists is a longstanding trend and because of our expertise in medication formulation and utilization, our progression into legal cases should not be surprising.

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Adam M. Kaye Pharm.D. , FASCP,FCPhA

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