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Pharmaceutical fellowship

There are plenty of opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry for those who possess a PharmD degree. Completing an industry training program, such as a fellowship, can allow exposure to the diverse departments within the company, refine valuable skill sets, and make you marketable to many organizations. 

The number of fellowships offered is certainly limited which leads to steep competition. Knowing how to prepare for a fellowship interview can help you stay a step ahead of the rest, and take some of the stress away. Here are a few pointers I gathered through my own experiences.

Build Your Resume

Get exposure: While direct industry experience is good, it is often hard to come by. Exposure to other areas of pharmacy still provides you with perspective about the various roles of a pharmacist, as well as a realistic picture of what you’re willing to do with your time. Your first 3-4 rotations in your 4th year of pharmacy school will play a major role in this decision. Try non-traditional rotations! These experiences will give you something to talk about during the interview, and support your reasoning for choosing the pharmaceutical industry.

Be active: Pharmaceutical companies need people that are doers, so do! Lead, volunteer, participate, speak up. Not only will these experiences help you grow, but they’ll also give you something to draw upon when asked situational questions.



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