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How to find pharmacy jobs

It is no secret that the pharmacy job market has become a tough and saturated one. This makes it difficult for new graduates to find jobs in this competitive market. Here are a few tips on how to find a pharmacy job after graduation and passing the board exam.


Networking should be started as early as possible – either during pharmacy school or even before. Making connections and building relationships can help to further professional growth and allows for opportunities to share ideas as well as learn from others. Though it may not be everything, whom you know and who knows you can influence your direction. A great way to connect with people in the same industry is by using LinkedIn and niche healthcare professional networks such as RxEconsult. Attending events hosted by professional organizations is another great way to get to know pharmacy employers and other professionals.

Gather Experience

It may be difficult to land the job of your dreams right away because the pharmacy job market is so saturated. It is a good idea to stay employed while looking for the right job. This prevents your expertise from degrading and it helps you gain experience. Also, hiring managers may question if you are unemployed for long periods at a time. Furthermore, residency is something to consider, which helps distinguish you from other pharmacists while providing networking opportunities.

Seek Further Training

Obtaining another degree such as a Masters or an MBA can help open more doors in your pharmacy career. Residencies and fellowships can also make you a better candidate for many positions. However, these require committing a year or more to gain the full exposure and benefits of these focused programs. If the tie commitment to a residency of fellowship is not desirable there are pharmacy certifications that help you specialize and open the door for additional opportunities. Examples of pharmacy certifications include management courses, certified geriatrics pharmacist, and medication therapy management.

Consider Relocating

The pharmacy job market is more saturated in some areas than others. For some, home is where the heart is, so relocating may not be an option. However, if the area you seek to work in is particularly saturated and competitive, considering jobs in another city or even another state, can help you gain a competitive edge. Working abroad is also an option. This can also serve as a great opportunity for a new adventure.

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