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Blood Glucose Test

How To Select A Blood Glucose Meter (Glucometer)

There is currently no one single glucose monitoring meter that is better than the other. People with diabetes should consider the cost. Although many meters are free for people that are eligible, over time, the testing supplies may become quite expensive. People with diabetes should check the internet for free coupons or ask their local pharmacy to see if they are eligible to get a free meter which usually comes with some testing supplies. They should also consider ease of use, accuracy of the device and the functionality that may allow them to download testing results to their computer.


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How To Test Blood Glucose Levels

Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Using warm water will increase blood circulation. Washing hands with soap will prevent small amounts of food residue left on the hand from affecting the results. Avoid using alcohol gel or wipes. 

Gather the following equipment:

  • Blood glucose meter
  • Testing strips
  • Lancets
  • Gauze
  • Blood glucose recording diary

1. Insert test strip into the meter. To avoid getting inaccurate results make sure your test strips are not expired and have not been stored outside the vial. Also, make sure to only use test strips designed for your meter. 

2. Remove the safety cap from the lancet.

3. Use an alcohol pad to wipe the area to be pricked and wait for it to thoroughly dry. 

4. Use the lancet needle to prick the side of the finger. Pricking the side of the finger instead of the tip or center of the finger is less painful and reduces bruising. Some meters may allow you to use alternate sites such as your palm, or forearm. Remember, these alternate sites may produce inaccurate readings especially with increased physical activity. Gently squeeze and massage your finger to produce a droplet of blood. Wipe it away. Do not use the first blood since it is very concentrated with plasma and could result in an inaccurate reading. 

5. Touch the tip of the test strip against the second blood droplet.

6. The meter will display your blood glucose level on the screen after a few seconds.

7. Stop the blood by applying pressure to your finger using the gauze.

8. Dispose the used lancet into a “sharps container.” Do not dispose it in your household trash container. 

9. Wash your hands again.

10. Document your blood glucose reading.

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