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How To Use Social Media To Improve Pharmacy And Pharmacy Education Category: Pharmacy by - August 23, 2013 | Views: 57237 | Likes: 1 | Comment: 0  

Informative updates from pharmacists can go a long way in education.

Those who are not aware of what pharmacists do on a daily basis can be informed of this with social media. Social media is the most form of communication these days and what most people pay attention to. We can reach a large audience of varying backgrounds to share thoughts and ideas of pharmacy.

Our students have Facebook accounts for each class year and use it to facilitate discussion of current courses.

Discussion boards for educational topics, networking, idea sharing, event planning, the announcement for jobs or bulletins.

Most individuals use social media such as Facebook on a daily basis. It seems to me that this would then be an ideal source for educating not only professionals but patients as well. While not everyone still reads the paper or takes the time to review pamphlets, they do take the time to check Facebook.

Linkedin is a great way to find preceptors or residency program directors and their background to help you network better with them before working with them one on one.

At the University of Florida, we have 4 different campuses, therefore the use of social media along with the internet platform used by the school (Sakai) has been extremely beneficial in connecting and collaborating with other students all over Florida. We as students use Facebook to share important notes, readings, findings, etc with everyone in our program. We post organized events through Facebook to enhance the publicity and it has been very helpful. We use Facebook to advocate especially close to legislative days to our friends on Facebook who are not as knowledgeable about the profession as we are.


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