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Pharmacist resume tips

2 Ways to design a recruiter-friendly pharmacist resume

How do you personally consume information and content in 2016? When shopping online, do you read EVERYTHING on a website? Do you read every article that shows up on your Twitter feed? Of course not. Ya see, our reading has really evolved into scanning. We scroll through our social media feeds and scan for words or pictures that sound interesting. After a 5-second scan, if a website seems unappealing, we leave and move on to the next one. The same principle guides how pharmacist recruiters parse through dozens of resumes. With that in mind, here are 2 ways to make your pharmacist resume recruiter-friendly.

Make the important stuff easy to find

Finding your key qualifications on your resume shouldn’t feel like a game of “Where’s Waldo.” I see many pharmacist resumes where the most important points are surrounded by meaningless sections and buzz words, making the important stuff nearly impossible to find. So, that begs the question, what is the important stuff? 

Try this:

Compile a list of 5 quantifiable reasons why you are the right pharmacist for the job. This list won’t contain vague terms like “passionate” and “customer service-oriented.” It will contain numbers that back up what you say. For example, “implemented a patient discharge counseling program that raised hospital HCAP scores by 15% in less than 6 months.” Then, take that list you’ve put together and put it at the top of the resume in place of an objective statement or long-winded summary. Now, when the pharmacist recruiter scans your resume, the very first thing he/she encounters are 5 compelling, quantifiable reasons why they should you interview you. Mission accomplished.

Modernize your format

I’ve talked to recruiters who say they form an opinion about the candidate based on the appearance of his/her resume BEFORE reading a single word! Take a look at your resume’s format. What does it say about you? If you are an impressively accomplished pharmacist with extensive leadership experience, what type of image are you projecting to a pharmacy recruiter if your resume has the same format as the high school student who just got turned down for a job at Hot Dog On A Stick? I suggest making your resume’s format easy to scan and read by utilizing fonts and light coloring that naturally guide the reader’s eyes to the key points. Avoid, like the Zika Virus, using long-winded paragraphs in any part of your resume.

Pharmacists, the way society consumes information is evolving, and so should your pharmacist resume. By utilizing a modern format that’s easy for the recruiter to scan and find the most important information, you are certain to land more job interviews.

Garrett Brown is a clinical pharmacist and Founder of RXelite Resumes. Contact us to modernize your pharmacist resume and showcase your accomplishments? Follow us on Twitter.

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