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How Be a Happy Pharmacist

Typical Day of a Retail Pharmacist

6 a.m.—wake up and make coffee

8 a.m.—clock in and open the pharmacy, turning on lights, and starting computers

8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.—check voice mail messages for prescriptions and refills

9 a.m.—check fax machine for refills and prior authorizations

9:15 a.m.—start checking prescriptions filled by technicians, answer phones, and counsel on new prescriptions

5 p.m. — End your shift.

If I had told you during your pharmacy school interview that this would be your typical workday routine, would you have stayed for the interview? Probably not. And you would not be the only one screaming for the hills.

The field of pharmacy is commonly seen as boring and apathetic. Although our field is necessary and crucial (see Why Pharmacy is a Great Healthcare Career), it doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to lay back, clock in, clock out, and collect our bimonthly checks.

What kind of pharmacist do you want to be?

Are you the go-getter, pro-active pharmacist? The one you claimed to be during your job interview? Or have you succumbed to being the “just get it done, fill the scripts, and get the co-pay” pharmacist? Think about your day. How different is it from the one described above?



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