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Social Media and Finding Healthcare Jobs

Share your knowledge, increase your visibility, grow your network, find healthcare jobs

When President Obama retires from office he will probably have many opportunities waiting to choose from. His Linkedin profile was viewed 526,270 times in 2012. This is an extreme example, however, the point is he is visible, known, and his body of work is well documented on the world stage.

If you are already famous and highly visible then skip the rest of this article. If you are like the rest of us working class professionals, especially if you are a healthcare professional, then this may help you. The key to landing job opportunities is your knowledge plus networking. Your knowledge is your credentials plus all your experiences (your body of work). Networking is connecting with people and the larger your network the more people you know. If you are visible and people know your body of work you probably have a large network and finding opportunities is probably relatively easy. For those who are not visible read on.

Before the internet and social media networking was face to face. With the growth of the internet, especially professional social media, networking is much faster and easier. The internet has also made it much easier to share your knowledge. Sharing your knowledge on professional social media platforms, especially those targeted to your industry, is the key to increasing your visibility, building your network, and landing opportunities. The internet gives you the opportunity to be on the world stage if you choose to take advantage of it.

If you are looking for jobs then you need to be visible and be recognized as knowledgeable in your field. You want prospective employers to notice you and see your talent before you even apply for the job. When an employer searches your name on the web there should be articles and other examples of your work. To accomplish this you need to feature yourself and separate yourself from everyone else. Essentially you should become a knowledge sharing professional.

Your knowledge is your most marketable asset. Businesses call it content marketing and it works for professionals also. By sharing your knowledge you can market yourself 24/7, increase your visibility, grow your network, and find new opportunities.

Here is how you can increase your visibility and network by sharing your knowledge through RxEconsult Healthcare Network. The same principles apply on other professional networks but features may vary.

Publish articles online

Your most important promotional asset is your knowledge, share it. Content marketing is not just for businesses; take advantage of the most powerful promotional technique available today. The best way to engage and establish your expertise is to show people by publishing articles. Articles are promoted to thousands through our article promotion process and are potentially available to millions through search engines. This increases your visibility, profile views, and establishes your expertise. If your article is liked it will be shared on Linkedin and other social networks. See this example which has been read over 17,000 times. Contributing an article gets your profile featured on the home page for thousands of visitors and members to see.

Engage other members that comment on your article and invite them to connect. Share your article on other social networks. As you become more visible your profile will be viewed more, more people will want to connect with you and your network grows not just on RxEconsult but on other networks where you shared your content.

Interestingly the content you share does not have to be technical. Provide solutions, simplify complex topics, tell professional experience stories that helps others, comment on recent news in your industry (see this example) or challenge the status quo. There are so many possibilities. Read Content Marketing for Healthcare Businesses and Professionals for more article writing tips.

To maximize your internet visibility you need a place for people to learn more about you. Your profile, document library, and video library are designed for this purpose.

Your Profile

Your profile is your webpage and where people will see a snap shot of your qualifications, learn more about you, and request to connect with you. You want as many profile views as possible. It is a powerful marketing tool so make full use of it.

  • Complete every field including adding a picture. Empty profiles do not show up in search and are unattractive.
  • Pay close attention to your headline (title). Make sure it has keywords that employers use to search for your type of expertise so you show up in search.
  • Include your credentials after your name (e.g., James Archer, MD)
  • Write a very good professional summary
  • Add your accomplishments (if you do not know your accomplishments no one else does)
  • Tell the world the type of work you are looking for and what you are good at.

Populate your document library

  • Add your resume (add accomplishments to your resume)
  • Add PDFs of posters, articles, other works
  • Add a video resume or videos that demonstrate your talent (e.g., video presentation)
  • Add a title and description to your video and documents so they show in search results

Increase the visibility of your profile

  • Invite members to connect with you so they get a chance to view all your content
  • Share your profile on other social networks (post the url of your profile)
  • Start and contribute to discussions in the Discussion Forum
  • Share your expertise by commenting on articles
  • Publish articles (see above).

Use the job search tools

Just because you are now visible does not mean you should stop your job search. Don’t just wait for the mountain to come to you so keep looking for opportunities. When you find an opening your network will help you get your foot in the door or your visible body of work will give you an edge over other applicants.

Use the healthcare career center

The healthcare career center has all types of healthcare jobs. Many job seekers have found jobs not seen on popular job boards. Post your resume and create an automatic job alert.


If you follow these tips you will greatly increase your visibility not just on RxEconsult but on the entire web. You will establish your expertise, your network will grow, and opportunities will find you.

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