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I am Afraid to Leave My Current Pharmacy Job Category: Pharmacy by - November 5, 2012 | Views: 29297 | Likes: 1 | Comment: 3  

Afraid to leave pharmacy


Dear Doctors:

For several years, I worked as a floater pharmacist. Recently, I changed my status to per-diem. When I returned to full-time, I was promised a more stable position. Unfortunately, it is not true and I am frustrated with my predicament. I have been offered another job but I am afraid of leaving my current pharmacy and ‘burning bridges’. What should I do?

Dear Loyal Floater:

We believe that this is a fear that comes across everyone’s mind when they are offered a position somewhere else. A business is a business. You stayed with them as a loyal employee. However, they could not offer you a better position to serve your needs. Amazingly, you found a new position that can offer what you need now: a stable schedule. Take the new job. The pharmacy and its managers will not frown upon you or retaliate against you for doing what was best for YOU.

The key to a proper exit is CIVILITY. No matter how angry or betrayed you feel, let it go. am Do not allow bad blood to come between you and the pharmacy. Do not speak ill of the company or its managers. When asked why you are leaving, you state the truth that the new job was able to offer you a schedule conducive to your needs. There is no need to dwell on why you are leaving, who betrayed you, or the job you were promised.

If the new job doesn’t work out and you want to return to the former pharmacy, then re-apply. There is no harm in trying and frankly, most companies prefer former employees since they know the system and training can be waived. As long as the former employee left on good terms, then there should not be a problem.

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Dear Pharmacy Doctor is a column that provides advice on pharmacist-related work/life challenges. Authors include Karine Wong, Pharm. D. and Lois Bui, Pharm. D. Karine has a 10 year history of working in hospital management, and 2 years as a graveyard hospital pharmacist and outpatient pharmacist. Lois has an extensive history working in HR management prior to her pharmacy career. You can submit questions to karinewongpharmd@gmail.com.

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