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MDVIP Direct Primary Care

Concierge medicine or direct primary care is growing across the country. This is a broad term for physician practices that charge patients an annual fee to receive more personalized care, better follow up, convenient and longer appointments, easy access to their provider, and several other benefits. According to Marketplace Healthcare approximately 4,000 doctors offer direct primary care across the country, an increase of 30% from last year. 

There are several types of models for direct primary care and costs vary considerably. In part 2 of our conversation with Dan Hecht, CEO of MDVIP we learn more about the MDVIP direct care model and their value proposition for patients. (See part 1: Is MDVIP Advancing Physician Practice with Personalized Healthcare)

What is MDVIP

MDVIP is a network of over 600 physicians in 41 states and District of Columbia who provide personalized care to over 200,000 patients across the US.

What are the Main Features of MDVIP Direct Primary Care

The main feature is the MDVIP annual Comprehensive Wellness Exam which is similar to the executive physical that top company executives at large companies receive. It emphasizes preventive care, use of proprietary blood tests from Cleveland Clinic, bone density tests, vision, sexual health, emotional health, and more.  The wellness exam and follow up wellness plan is what patients actually pay for.

MDVIP charges $1500 to$1800 for an annual Comprehensive Wellness Exam and creating a care plan for the patient.

MDVIP practices are limited to 600 patients because the wellness exam and wellness plan practically can only be performed on 600 patients every year.   

A typical visit to an MDVIP doctor starts on time, lasts 30 minutes or more and includes a review of the wellness plan in addition to the chief reason for that particular visit. 

Access to the doctor by cell phone, appointments that start on time, same day or next day appointments and longer appointments. 

The Medical Centers of Excellence provides support for patients who need specialized care at top healthcare institutions like Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.

MDVIP doctors help coordinate care when patients see specialists or are hospitalized. 

Patients keep their health insurance which is used for care outside of the wellness exam. MDVIP is compatible with health insurance. 

Is Concierge Medicine Better Care 

According to Dan Hecht, the MDVIP concierge medicine model which is proactive, focused on great doctor patient relationship, and preventive care is superior healthcare and studies show that. Whenever you can improve the doctor patient relationship you improve care. 

Is MDVIP for Everyone

There is a misconception that MDVIP clients are younger, wealthy, and healthy patients; 55% of patients seen be MDVIP doctors receive medicare. MDVIP may not be for everyone. It is not about convenience or socioeconomic background. It is for people who are committed to their healthcare care and want to live healthy lives.  

What Problem does MDVIP solve for the Healthcare System

The MDVIP Concierge medicine model focuses on prevention and wellness in addition to building a strong doctor patient relationship. Many chronic conditions can be prevented with lifestyle changes. MDVIP doctors partner with patients to help them develop and maintain healthy lifestyles.    

Since they have more time to spend with patients they really get to know their patients and earn their trust. The traditional model of physicians seeing patients for only a few minutes does not help build a great physician patient relationship.

Are Studies Available

Two MDVIP studies showed reductions in costly hospitalizations in MDVIP patients.  

How is Quality Measured

Have you ever received a survey from your primary care doctor about your quality of care?

MDVIP patients are surveyed yearly to determine satisfaction with the care they are receiving. Patient satisfaction rate is 94% and the patient renewal rate is 92%. Patient surveys give patients an opportunity to influence their quality of care. 

Is Concierge Medicine for You

Everyone has to evaluate the care they are receiving and how a direct care model may improve their care. Although the convenience of scheduling appointments and physician access are most often emphasized, the greatest value and yard stick for measuring any type of practice is improvement in care. A model that emphasizes prevention, wellness, patient physician relationship, and measures quality of care provided may be a better offering than the level of care most of us are currently receiving.    

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