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Ipad Pro and Medical Practice

What You Need to Know Before Buying an iPad Pro for Your Medical Practice

Apple introduced the iPad Pro in fall 2105. It is the newest release to the iPad family which features an impressive 12.9-inch display, foldable keyboard and the Apple stylus dubbed the Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro is now available for purchase and has been positioned for the enterprise user. Can this iPad entirely replace your PC? Not likely. Is it a suitable tablet for your medical practice? Absolutely, but as with any hardware, what you stand to gain from it depends on how you plan to use it.

Here are a few things you need to know before investing in an iPad Pro for your medical practice:

1. The iPad Pro cannot natively integrate into your Windows Network Domain

Terms like “network domain” may not be native words in your vocabulary, but the impact of the iPad Pro’s inability to natively integrate into your Windows Network Domain has important. You need to be aware of these implications if you want to add your iPad to your office network to access personal health information and other files.

Security policies such as who has access to which folders and drives across your network cannot be appropriately enforced for devices that are not added to your network domain. Password complexity and password expiration policies cannot be enforced on such devices either.  There may be third-party tools that can help bridge these deficiencies, but finding, managing, and purchasing them will add to the complexity associated with the management of the device while also increasing its total cost of ownership.

2. One Device = One User

Do you share your device with multiple users in your organization? If so, you’ll want to be aware that iOS does not support multiple users. The iPad Pro is intended to be used by a single user and is tied to that user’s Apple ID. If you want to share this device between users, you will need to set up a generic Apple ID that is shared by everyone who uses the device. Ensure applications in use on the iPad that provide access to patient records require unique user logins from the device so that proper security can be enforced. 



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