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Mobile Phone Technology and Growing your Medical Practice Category: Social Media by - May 17, 2013 | Views: 21069 | Likes: 0 | Comment: 0  

Latest statistics show that 40% of people now search for local services with their mobile phone. Tell me, Have you ever pretended to be a client in YOUR town looking for YOUR particular service? if not, pick up your mobile phone and try NOW.  Use your normal search engine, such as google or yellow pages online. I will go make a coffee (white with one thanks), have a few mouthfuls of cake, bang out a few tweets and then we shall regroup. I anticipate it will take you less than 5 minutes to test.

What did you see?  Did you even rate in the top 5 search engine results? Hopefully, but if not don't panic. There are solutions. 

Does your web page present clearly  on your mobile phone's screen? Can your prospective patients easily ring you to book? Or use a map feature to find you? These issues are essential in the age of mobile phone technology.  If you are not convinced then let me ask you this...

Can you remember any time in the last six months where you have sat at a cafe or restaurant and momentarily noticed that all the other people around you were madly engaged with their mobile phones? Perhaps they were searching for your business. It is easier and cheaper to invest in a mobile friendly webpage than to purchase expensive advertisements in the local phone book.

A great mobile friendly webpage will also carry icons facilitating access to your twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts. Just be clear, there is nothing wrong with your existing website. It is perfect for desktop, laptop reading. It is all about screen size and you simply need to create a page to suit the mobile market. Do not be talked into expensive reconfiguring of a website which you have already invested hundreds of dollars into.  Setting up a mobile friendly page should be approximately $100, and monthly hosting and maintenance approximately $50. Once it is set  up, there are further simple steps you can take to ensure your business is listed in the top 1-3 search engine results for your keywords in your location. Perhaps a topic for a further blog.

This is a SURE FIRE way to attract 5 new clients a month. Just be sure to have your admin staff monitor where your new referrals are coming from. The more information you have on the channels your clients are using to find you, the greater incentive you have for promoting those channels.

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