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Top pharmacy blogs

Part of my job as a pharmacist giving my patients the information they need about their health or to show them where they can get it. I pride myself on being a resource to other people at work and outside of work. This site is no different. With this post, I want to share with you some of the top pharmacy-related blogs and websites (ranked in no particular order) that help me and that I know can help you stay up to date with pertinent information regarding medications, general health needs, and the pharmacy profession.

My Top 5 Pharmacy-Related Websites And Blogs

The Honest Apothecary

Jason Poquette, the author of The Honest Apothecary, truly lives up to his pen name because he tells it like it is. If you want to read about anything and everything related to pharmacy, this is the place for you. He writes about everything from pharmacy practice, information about prescription and OTC medications, insurance, politics, faith and morality, and much more. It's a wonderful resource for all healthcare providers and patients.

One of my favorite posts on The Honest Apothecary is 12 Traits of the Entrepreneur. It outlines the must-have mindset of an entrepreneur. For independent pharmacists, this is definitely a must read and I just had to share it with you.

If you enjoy his content (and I know you will), he is also available to write original content for your publication.

The Dose

This is a blog by NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Association). This is the number one organization for independent pharmacies. If you are looking for an organization who is tirelessly working to protect the interests of independents and patients who love independents, NCPA is that organization. Their blog is a wonderful resource for staying up to date on issues specifically concerning independent pharmacies.

NCPA is also my number one resource for discovering new pharmacy-related niches, services, and innovations that I try to carry out in my daily practice. Check out their "Diversified Revenue Opportunities" page for some great ideas that can really help you grow your business beyond traditional pharmacy sales.

And if you haven't already, follow The Dose to see why NCPA really is "The Voice of the Community Pharmacist."

Pharmacy Development Services

Here you'll find tons of tips and tricks for growing and managing your business. One of their most recent posts, 5 Ways to Enhance the Retail Experience in Your Pharmacy, is an excellent example of the valuable information they regularly produce. In addition to all the wonderful free content they share on their blog, they also offer training and consulting services designed to grow your pharmacy and boost employee morale. You can even sign up for a free business assessment. If you want a thriving pharmacy business, this is the site for you.



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