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My Top 5 Pharmacy Related Websites And Blogs Category: Pharmacy by - January 5, 2016 | Views: 39871 | Likes: 1 | Comment: 0  

AccessRx America

AccessRx America is my number one source for staying up to date on pharmacy-related legislation. I get regular updates in my news feed about pharmacy and insurance mergers, PBM activity, and Medicare updates and decisions. If you want to stay current on these issues, I highly suggest following their blog. Also, check out their policy proposals to see all the ways they are advocating for independent pharmacy.

Med Ed 101

Eric Christianson, the owner of Med Ed 101, has created the ultimate medication education blog. Here you can find tons of information including study guides and practice exams you can buy if you are trying to get ready for the BCPS, CGP, or NAPLEX exams. He is also the author of "Pharmacotherapy: Improving Medical Education Through Clinical Pharmacy Pearls, Case Studies, and Common Sense" which was considered a #1 seller in "clinical pharmacy" and "pharmacotherapy in March 2015. This book is "full of clinical pearls, case studies, and medication mistakes that every healthcare professional should know."

Be sure to follow him on Twitter, @Mededucation101, where he regularly tweets helpful quizzes and pearls that will keep you on your toes. Subscribe to his blog because it is a wonderful resource for pharmacists, physicians, nurses, patients, and anyone else that wants some awesome medication information.

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