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Symptoms And Signs Of Neuropathy 

Neuropathy is a disorder of the nerves. The symptoms are the noticeable physical complaints that are caused by an illness. The signs of a disease are the abnormalities detected through a medical examination. 

The symptoms of neuropathy may be subtle, unsettling or confusing. Most people do not recognize the symptoms of neuropathy or chose to ignore them because they are a bit unusual. Symptoms of neuropathy also tend to fluctuate over time, particularly early in the course of the disease. Some individuals who have neuropathy experience severe symptoms one day, and then complete resolution the next, making it difficult to know whether the symptoms are important and even whether they are imagined or real. 

What causes symptoms of neuropathy?

Nerves have 2 jobs in the body; one job is to serve as an input station for detection of the body’s sensation and the other job is to send messages that stimulate muscles to move. If a nerve is damaged, sensation or movement or both will be affected. A nerve that is injured by neuropathy may be injured anywhere along the length of the nerve, causing weakness or sensory problems that interfere with the normal functioning of that nerve. 


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