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Non-Dispensing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Pharmacists: Reimbursement, Benefits, Services, and Utilization by Patients and Providers Category: Pharmacy by - January 16, 2015 | Views: 87837 | Likes: 1 | Comment: 1  

Medication therapy management (MTM) pharmacists


Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a major advancement in pharmacy practice and healthcare. Many MTM pharmacists wonder whether there is enough demand and reimbursement for MTM services to support a viable non-dispensing MTM business model. Recently I learned about Medifixx MTM Pharmacy, an Independent MTM, non-dispensing pharmacy based in Florida. They provide expert, professional and compassionate care to patients in the pharmacy and through telephone and video technologies. 

Dr. Christina Wachuku, Chief Pharmacy Officer at Medifixx discusses her practice and provides her perceptive about MTM and MTM as a business model for pharmacists. 

How do you describe MTM to your patients, other healthcare professionals, and insurance companies?

Over the years, Healthcare practice has mostly been seen as prescribing and dispensing of medications, leaving out the ultimate service ― Medication Management.

I describe MTM to patients as a lifesaver; a personalized service where a specially trained pharmacist ensures that medications are used properly as intended by assessing patients medications from every source (prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, and herbal supplements) and thoroughly answers every question they may have. 

Here at Medifixx MTM Pharmacy, we look at their medication history to make sure that there are no drug-drug interactions or side-effects in their regimen, partnering with them and collaborating with their physicians to make sure they are receiving the most benefits from their medications. We check to see if there are any duplication of therapy and if there are any less expensive generic alternatives that might save them money. 

At the end of the MTM session, they receive a Complete Medication List (CML) and a Medication Action Plan (MAP) that they can share with their physicians for continuity of care.

I gently remind doctors that the pressure to see more patients in less time demands their collaboration with MTM Pharmacists to supplement and facilitate what they already do to maximize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients, reduce readmission rates, and save lives.

I describe MTM to insurance Companies an essential service and a strong tool for health plans interested in improving STAR ratings and reducing medical costs.



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