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Nursing jobs from home

Nursing Jobs That You Can Do From Home

Typically, the role of the registered nurse (RN) is at the point of care; wherever patients are found, nurses are likely to be on staff. This can make working from home impossible for a nurse. However, given the advances in technology and expanding non-traditional roles for nurses, nursing jobs that can be performed from home are expanding. Here is some helpful information if you care considering nursing jobs from home and examples of companies that have work from home nursing jobs. 

Work From Home Jobs For Nurses

Health insurance companies

Health insurance companies and medical device/pharmaceutical companies regularly employ nurses to work remotely. These roles most commonly involve a nurse advice hotline and are often customer facing. Health insurance companies may also utilize nurses in a case manager role, performing initial claim reviews and processing, or membership enrollment.

Coding and Consulting

Additional options for nurses to work from home include medical coding and consulting. Medical coding does not necessarily require a registered nurse, however, mastery of disease processes and medical procedures makes registered nurses especially well qualified for medical coding roles. With strong networking, nurses can also establish themselves as nurse consultants. This brings with it more challenges as an entrepreneur. Generally, a nurse consultant will need to have expert level experience and education, along with a solid history of professional accomplishments.  A consultant with a clinical specialty can market themselves to a variety of potential employers including medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, and patient advocacy groups. 


An additional opportunity for telecommuting is available to those qualified to teach.  Online nursing programs are becoming more common. Professors are needed to teach these virtual classroom courses, and can be done from home. Typically, an advanced degree and experience teaching in the live environment will be required. If education is of interest, it is a good time to begin navigating this career option by seeking associate faculty roles. Some schools will require their own on-line teaching credential, which will involve specialized training on how to manage a virtual classroom.  


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