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3. Academic Pharmacist (Assistant Professor)

Average starting salary: $95,730

Job Description 

Pharmacists in academia are often involved with one or more of the following; conducting research, publishing articles, and practicing in community, hospital, or ambulatory care settings. Their schedules are flexible, and they work in an office in universities or schools of pharmacy and medicine. They spend on average 40% of the time lecturing in class, and 60% of the time working in a hospital, community, or industrial pharmacy. Benefits in academic pharmacy include contributing scientific and clinical knowledge, enhancing one's own learning while teaching others, and satisfaction of training residents and graduate students. 

On average, assistant professors make roughly $96,000. Academic pharmacists could further their career by promotion to associate professor, assistant dean, or dean, which results in an increase in salary to $109,550, $114,993, and $153,138, respectively.

4. Pharmaceutical Industry (Medical Science Liaison)

Average starting salary: $97,000 to $110,000 plus 10% to 25% bonus

Job Description

Pharmaceutical industry professionals are involved with research and development, drug safety, regulatory affairs, and marketing and sales. More specifically, medical science liaisons (MSL) keep healthcare providers and researchers update on latest research, attend conferences, and present new product information to physicians. Medical science liaisons may work long hours due to travel and sometimes on weekends. Starting salaries are just below $100,000 on average in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Medical device companies pay entry level MSLs an average starting salary of $110,000. According to Careerbliss average MSL salaries are $117,000 in the United States. MSLs travel often and are compensated for their efforts. With enough experience, a Medical Science Liaison can be promoted to Senior Medical Science Liaison or Director. Salaries at this point can be as high as $161,000 or higher depending on the company and responsibilities. 


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