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Pharmacy jobs and careers


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Pharmacy is an evolving profession. Over the years pharmacists have found new ways to leverage their status as experts in medication therapy to create new pharmacy careers that have significantly improved patient care and advanced the pharmacy profession. Here is a brief description of 22 jobs and careers for pharmacists and links for current job openings. If you know of a job we did not include please suggest it in the comments box.

Ambulatory Care Pharmacist

Job description: Direct patient care and management of medications for ambulatory patients; manage ambulatory clinics

Requirement: Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), Bachelor of Science (BS) in Pharmacy; ambulatory care pharmacy residency and board certification in ambulatory care pharmacy are preferred. Certification in the management of chronic conditions or therapies such as diabetes, asthma, anticoagulation is desirable.

Advantages: Provide direct patient care in a clinic setting

Practice site: Outpatient hospital or community clinics


Academic Pharmacist

Job description: Conduct research, publish articles, teach and mentor tomorrow's pharmacist. Some also practice pharmacy in the community, hospital, or ambulatory settings.

Requirement: Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), Bachelor of Science (BS) in Pharmacy, some also have Ph.D. degrees; one-year residency, and/or fellowship.

Other Skills: Need excellent writing and speaking skills, interest in research

Advantages: Flexible schedule, work in an office, opportunity to shape the future of pharmacy, pharmacy license may not be required

Practice site: universities, schools of pharmacy and medicine, local, state, national, and international organizations



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