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Job Interview

Dear Pharmacy Doctor

I am a hospital pharmacy director at a large community hospital. Four months ago, I interviewed a new graduate for a full-time staffing position. She had recently completed a residency program. I was frustrated with this candidate and the many others before her. Is it acceptable to wear an off-the-shoulder blouse and skinny jeans to an interview? Is it appropriate for candidates to refuse to dispense? She asked for a regular weekday schedule (no rotating shifts or call schedules), a desk, and set office hours.

Needless to say, I did not hire her. Am I expecting too much for new pharmacists to act professionally and accept the job responsibilities of a traditional inpatient pharmacist? No matter how advanced we are, I still need someone to verify and dispense medications.

Dear Frustrated Hospital Director

Graduating from pharmacy school with a doctorate and completing a residency can elevate one’s ego a little. Candidates have the confidence and certificate that separates them from their competitors. Consequently, they feel entitled to positions suited for their qualifications and expect special privileges. However, this is not realistic, and such behavior is frowned upon. Your expectations of new pharmacists are realistic.

According to DiFalco and Herz, authors of “The Big Sister’s Guide to the World of Work” (2005), one of the top twenty ways to ruin an interview is to act arrogant. If you are too good for the job, then why are you interviewing for it?

For new graduates here are three simple rules of job-hunting:

  • Look for jobs that cater to your skills (pharmacist, nuclear pharmacist, children’s hospital pharmacist, etc.)
  • Apply for jobs that suit your needs (close location, suitable hours, job description, etc.). Caution: the pickier you are, the slimmer the opportunities.
  • Dress conservatively and go to the interview with a copy of your CV or resume and your list of references.

But don’t stop there! The interview process is full of unspoken rules on etiquette. Here are several job interview best practices to know.

1. Do not speak too loud or too softly.

2. Do not Mispronounce words or use words inappropriately.

3. Do not ramble. Stick to the question and answer it.

4. Get a good nights sleep before the interview so you are alert. Smile, show enthusiasm and be energetic.

5. Be tactful about dropping names. Do not brag about who you know and how you know them. If you and the interviewer have a mutual connection it is acceptable to mention the connection if the opportunity arises.


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