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Make sure a residency is the right choice for you

You may feel pressured to participate in a residency program because they are highly encouraged in pharmacy school. We are told how much better our career will be by completing one. However, residency programs are more demanding than college. You will be a licensed practicing pharmacist with the added commitment of completing projects, papers, and attending conferences. You will have to multitask and manage your time effectively. Full commitment to a program requires a strong motivation and drive. 

Participating in a residency program for the wrong reasons will show a lack of initiative and work ethic during the residency program. There are several pharmacy career options that do not require a residency. Make sure your intentions are pure and a residency is really what you want for advancing your career.

Be genuine and professional

Once invited for an interview the focus shifts to your compatibility with the residency program. It is important to recognize that this is not the same as your ability to answer the interview questions. Your performance during the interview is subjective. Being genuine and presenting your true self is the only way to prepare for an interview. You want to conduct yourself in a professional manner while still being honest and transparent about your career goals, skills, and why you are interested in that specific residency program. You should also share how you can contribute to the residency program. Do not pretend to be interested in a hospital simply to complete a residency.

Do your research

Look into the program details of residencies you like prior to attending the residency symposium at a conference. What type of rotations do they offer that interest you? How can a residency at that facility help you fulfill your long term goals? And lastly, what can you offer to the residency as well. If you are invited for an interview you should already know a lot about the program. By doing this, you are showing your dedication and true interest in the program. Many residency interviews also have a clinical skills portion for assessing your thinking process and how you perform under pressure. Be prepared for these type of questions and remember that they are evaluating how you think as a clinician rather than your ability to regurgitate information.



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