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real world pharmacy online versus online pharmacy

How To Find Your Real World Pharmacy Online

There’s a lot of anxiety out there over using newer technologies to get real prescriptions filled, especially if it’s hard to distinguish between a real world pharmacy that has a website online and an online pharmacy.

What is the difference? Primarily, an online pharmacy has no real-world location. A website can exist and funnel orders to delivery services entirely online, in some cases with no human interaction between the patient and the delivery person. This, of course, is where things get murkiest.

Should you avoid online pharmacies? Yes, absolutely. If you had a question or a concern about your prescription, who could you call? And is there even any way to know where the medicine comes from?

But the convenience is hard to overlook. It’s difficult to make time during business hours to visit the pharmacy, drop off a prescription, and wait around for the fulfillment. In some cases, you may have to leave because the order can’t be filled that day, so you’ll have to make even more time to return and pick it up. So, of course, no one would recommend shying away from the internet entirely. With the internet, the whole process becomes remarkably easy.

Your safest bet is to use the website of a real-world, physical pharmacy in your area. It’s just an online portal for a place you could walk to and talk with someone. The website does not replace the pharmacy, it’s just a way to use the internet to make things convenient for a healthy and safe life. For example, many websites have useful information, and if it’s outside normal business hours, the website is still accessible. Some even maintain helpful blogs, which provides information and insight you may not have even known you needed to know. Those real-world pharmacies that provide online prescription refill service are going to be the safest route if you still want the convenience.


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What To Look For When Ordering Your Prescriotion Refill

You’ll want to take a look at the web address at the top of your screen. Look at the whole address. Does it start with HTTP, or with HTTPS? The S is the important part -- it stands for “secure” and it provides encryption security for any information you type in. Try to avoid ordering a prescription refill from any website that isn’t secure.

Also, it’s important to confirm that you are ordering your prescription refill from a real-world pharmacy with a location you can visit. Most local businesses keep their street address at the bottom of every page on their website. You can scroll down and see for yourself where the pharmacy is located.

Remember, if you order locally, you may also have the option for delivery of your prescription, so you don’t even have to visit them! They’ll bring it to you.

Lastly, look for the phrase “compounding pharmacy” somewhere on the site. The homepage is a good place for it, or if there is an “about us” page or a “company overview” type of page, you’ll probably find it there. A compounding pharmacy is one that is able to create the medicine right there on the premises, rather than order the medicine pre-made from somewhere else. A compounding pharmacy employs actual pharmacists, and that means human care is practiced at every step.

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