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Non-traditional medical careers

Transitioning into a non-traditional medical career can seem overwhelming in so many ways. Health care professionals wonder what else is really out there? Can I find a secure job? Will I regret it? Even if there are good options, where are they and how can I get one? I have been there myself. I was curious about other aspects of medicine, but since I was not miserable in medical practice, I wondered if it was worth it to risk a great position as a neurologist for an uncertain leap into a job with a company that I knew little about in terms of the environment, compensation and job security. With no reliable insight or advice and my own concern that I would be forever labeled on the 'mommy track,' if I left clinical practice, I carefully, hesitantly and gradually transitioned into a non-clinical job that turned out to be a great fit.

However, doctors don't have to navigate career transitions without a map anymore. Now, there are resources for healthcare professionals who want to know how to become a good candidate for the most hard-to-attain jobs.

You can approach the transition by looking for a lot of professional help, or more independently, depending on your current situation and your career needs.

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The Do It Yourself Method

Books and online material can provide facts and instructions in a self-paced and inexpensive manner for the motivated physician who wants to get started on a transition independently. There is an abundance of online articles listing numerous jobs for the health care professional who wants an idea of what may be out there. Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine provides more detail regarding realistic job availability for the health care professional who is not necessarily being recruited for non-clinical job offers and just needs to know how to get a non-clinical job.


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