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Outsourcing CHC Billing

Should Doctors Outsource Billing At Community Health Care Centers?

Whether medical billing should be outsourced is not the only dilemma that the private practitioners are exposed to. Rather, this is a question that the Community Health Care Centers (CHCs) also have to find a solution for. CHC billing is much more complicated thus needs more attention so that the claims are handled properly. The trend for outsourcing CHC billing is increasing because the medical billing companies have experience and expertise to handle the collections and claims accordingly.

But it is necessary for CHCs to conduct a pros and cons analysis to weigh which option suits them before making a decision. There is a need to consider your EHR strategy, and whether your billing service can support you with both EHR and billing services. The following different types of analysis can help in reaching the final decision about whether to outsource CHC billing.

Cost Analysis: The outsourcing decision significantly depends on cost analysis. In order to reach a decision you must compare the in-house billing costs with the outsourcing costs:

  • The in-house billing costs for employees are calculated by adding the salaries of medical billing employees, healthcare costs for these employees, federal and sales tax for the medical billing employees, and training costs for these employees so that they are updated and equipped with adequate knowledge and expertise. And finally the ancillary costs for statement paper, office space, office hardware, and other miscellaneous costs. The outsourcing costs for companies should be calculated and the follow-up costs are included as well.
  • In-house software and hardware costs should be compared against outsourcing software and hardware costs plus the cost of interacting with the outsourcing company for the follow-ups.
  • The direct claim processing costs should include clearing house fees and outsourcing costs for processing includes a certain percentage that is charged by the medical billing companies.

Percentage of billing amount collected: The decision to outsource CHC billing can only be finalized by comparing the in-house billing amount received with the billing amount that is received when billing is outsourced. Usually, the outsourced service tends to receive 10-15% more revenue.



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