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The nature of the process also varies: The in-house procedure for processing insurance claims involves a number of steps that are universal to every practice and are as follows:

  • An optimal schedule for the email is created so that the claims and the revenue reimbursements are guaranteed.
  • There is a credentialing and contracting process that can be complicated and takes many months.
  • Verifying the patient’s insurance coverage for the service is an upfront requirement that is documented. 
  • Finally, there is a requirement to submit the names electronically.

If the billing is outsourced then the process is simpler and straightforward:

  • Bills and other documents are scanned and electronically sent or mailed to the medical billing service.
  • The medical billing service takes care of the data entry and claims submission on behalf of the provider.
  • Most billing services charge a percentage of the collected claim amount. The industry average is approximately a 7% charge for processing claims through a medical billing service.

Apart from the above factors, there are other aspects that require consideration before the CHC billing decision is made. And these are:

Your billing process might be inefficient: This means that if you have been watching your collections drop over a period of time and you have noted no significant improvements then this means that your billing process is not working for you and you should consider the option of outsourcing.

You are experiencing high staff turnover: Turnover is an issue in any industry but a turnover in a provider’s billing department is especially damaging. Claim processing is the economic lifeblood of a practice and a new addition or replacement in the billing department will inevitably lead to a slowdown in the processing of claims.

CHC Billing is not your priority: Many doctors are not experts at billing for their services. 

CHC doctors have a priority to help patients – and should not worry about the administrative/clerical side of the business. It is important to make an informed decision about handling billing. However, costs are not the only aspects that should be considered. 


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