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Difficult Preceptors

Here is the scenario. Does it sound familiar?

You are a pharmacist, working in an inpatient pharmacy. One day, you stroll inside the pharmacy when your co-worker is speaking with his intern. Without a word, you sit down at the terminal and start working. Curiously, you listen to the heated discussion. The preceptor grabs the paper in front of him. “What is this” he barks?

The intern meekly responds, “It’s the medication history from Mrs. Johnson, in room 155.”

Learning against his chair with one arm slung over the back rest, he begins the interrogation. “You have here that the patient was taking Lyrica 50 mg three times a day. But why would you write that if the pharmacist at CVS says that she was taking 150 mg three times a day? Did you ask the patient if she was confused or maybe that she got the wrong dose?”

Before the intern can utter a response, she is surrounded with more questions. After glancing at the paper, the preceptor bellows, “What? You wrote that she is taking Levemir 15 units at night. But here, we are giving her 10 units twice a day and her sugars are well-controlled. Was she taking too much at home? Was she having hypoglycemic events at night? Did you check her A1c?”

A tear streams down the intern’s cheek. “This is what she told me. I just wrote down what she told me,” she weakly replies.

The preceptor looks away and waves his hand at her. “Go back to the patient and ask her again. This medication history is unacceptable. I won’t let you talk to her doctor if you can’t give me a decent medication history!” He pauses and looks to another intern. “Go with her. And make sure she does it right!”


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