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Overactive bladder symptoms

The Symptoms of An Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a relatively common problem, affecting as many as 20-30% of adults. There are varying degrees of severity, with significant overactive bladder symptoms having a profound impact on the lives of some affected individuals, and more moderate symptoms having a more manageable impact on others. Experts say that it is hard to get an accurate estimate of the number of adults affected by overactive bladder because it is often not reported or documented.

Technically, overactive bladder is considered a symptom, rather than an actual disease. There are several medical conditions that cause overactive bladder. Yet, overactive bladder can manifest in several different ways. And therefore, while overactive bladder is a symptom; it can produce a variety of different symptoms. If you experience any of the following symptos, you might have an overactive bladder.

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1. The frequent urge to urinate

A frequent urge to urinate means that a person feels the need to urinate more frequently than normal. The volume of urine eliminated each time may be normal, high or low. But the key feature of having a frequent urge to urinate is not about large quantity of urine, but rather about having to go even when the bladder is not full. The quantity can be inconsistent. 

If you drink a lot of fluid or caffeinated beverages, you should expect to urinate large volumes frequently- but that is not the same as the frequent urge to urinate associated with an overactive bladder. The frequent urge to urinate associated with an overactive bladder should typically add up to a total amount of urine per day that is just about normal, although the individual volumes are unequal and more frequent. Some individuals affected by overactive bladder are able to hold the urge despite the frequency, while some are not able to, which leads to the other symptoms associated with overactive bladder. 

2. Urinary Urgency

Urinary urgency is the feeling that when you notice that you have to urinate, you have very little time to actually go before either losing control or feeling that you might lose control. Often, an overactive bladder does, indeed, mean that you sense the feeling of pressure even when there is a small amount of urine in the bladder and that you have to relieve your bladder shortly after you notice the sensation. 


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