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Detox after chemotherapy

Once you are strong enough, detoxifying your body after cancer treatment is an essential part of your healing journey. Chemotherapy drugs and radiation can overload your system with excess toxins as can the residue of dead cancer cells. Here I have listed what I feel are the key first steps in the detoxification process.

Eliminate junk food and eat a whole foods diet

Not only is this the essential element of any detoxification process, it is the first place to begin when rebuilding your immune system, the key to remaining cancer free. I strongly suggest eating an all-organic diet. To begin the process of converting to an organic diet, refer to the “Clean 15, Dirty Dozen” which lists the foods most and least affected by pesticide contamination.

Maintain Hydration

Consuming water greatly aids in the detoxification process after treatment. Ensure that your water is filtered to eliminate possible toxins that your water may contain. Herbal teas are also wonderful to help the cleansing process. Examples include Dandelion Root tea that aids in liver detoxification and Green Tea. Green Tea contains the catechin Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) as well as other polyphenols which help rid your body of free radicals.


Consuming fresh-pressed juices floods your body with easily digestible nutrients that help flush away toxins and heal damaged tissue. When it comes to diet, juicing may be the most beneficial food for detoxifying. It is important to gradually introduce juicing into your diet. As mentioned, juicing floods the system with nutrients that can be very detoxifying. Gradually introducing juices allows your detoxification process to run smoothly by not overwhelming your system.

I would like to note that although the benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables are great, juicing does eliminate the bulk of fiber content from these foods.

Maintain adequate fiber in your diet

  • Fiber slows down digestion, which slows absorption glucose and reduces spikes in blood sugar.
  • Fiber absorbs toxins and aids in their elimination.
  • Fiber is essential for a healthy gut flora. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes is essential for adequate fiber intake.



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