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As a podcast junkie, I always pick up great ice-breaking questions during interviews. In one of my favorite podcasts, The Art of Charm, Jordan opens each interview with the question, "Can you tell us what you do in one sentence"? If you have been practicing MTM consulting for any amount of time you know that it takes more than one sentence to even explain what MTM is in the first place. That is why I almost NEVER use the term "MTM" unless when speaking with another pharmacist.

When I contact a prospective patient for the first time I begin with a brief explanation, in very simple terms, of why I am calling, what medication therapy management is, and how I can help them. For example, when speaking with a patient unfamiliar with the benefits of MTM, it may be easier to explain your services as an annual medication checkup with the pharmacist or even as "another set of eyes" checking to make sure your medications are being used properly. I will alter my elevator pitch based on the knowledge of my customer, level of interest, and health literacy.

Pitching your services (over the phone or in person) is an area where many consultants struggle. A ready to use "elevator pitch" filled with actionable, comfortable wording will help you explain your services quickly and engage your target audience.

Here are some tips for pitching your services.

1.  Craft a well 
thought out elevator pitch. It should be short concise and less that 20 seconds. Hold it to less than two sentences if at all possible. If you need to take another breath to get it all out, it is TOO LONG.

2.  Tailor your message. Think of how you would explain your services first to a patient, then to a doctor, then to another pharmacist who may want to hire you.


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