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Medical websites

In this digital period of time, the internet is brimming with all kinds of information which are just a click away. Be it food, fashion, love, health, religion or fitness; you just name it and you will find it all on this wonderful platform.

People also turn to the internet for information on all kinds of medical and health related issues or problems. There is a plethora of facts, figures, data, and details of almost all diseases, illnesses, mental health issues and medical problems.

If you too belong to a lot of people who tend to google a lot of such information, here are the top 5 websites where you can learn more about medical related problems and issues.


With a goal to be our ally in maintaining our health and well-being in general, Healthline provides expert content in order to guide people towards the best possible outcomes for their mental and overall health. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing websites for all health and medical related problems. The site provides information on all sorts of things, be it a medical or health condition, a medication, or simply tips for a healthier lifestyle.

Moreover, it also has a great management team, where there are medical reviewers who hold extensive experience in many medical specialties and greatly contribute to clinical practices and patient advocacy. They also have medical advisors on board who provide invaluable insights in an attempt to better understand people’s needs.

Healthline also has tools like Symptom Checker, Pill Identifier and Find a Doctor which people can use if they have a medical question.


This site comes with a mission; inspire hope among people and promote health and well-being by providing the best kind of care through clinical research, practice, and education. With a long history of sharing information and knowledge about complex medical problems, Mayo Clinic helps more and more people use this information and benefit from their expertise.

Furthermore, it is also involved in international activity where it extends its knowledge to international organizations that share the Mayo Clinic’s patient-centered commitment in an attempt to enhance the delivery of health care to people.  

The website has tools like First-Aid Guide and Symptom Checker for fast and quick answers to all kinds of health conditions along with expert answers, videos, and medical blogs.


Disovertherapies aims to improve patients’ health by providing them increased access to upgraded treatment options and new cures. The team behind this website understands the fact that many people and patients are starved from the opportunity to have access to better cures and treatments; hence, the site is underway with its efforts to connect patients with several treatment options and make it available to them through research.

This website also has a lot of information to offer to its readers on diseases like Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis where one can learn more about the symptoms of these diseases, treatment options, diagnosis, how it works, etc.


This website provides valuable and important information regarding health and general medical related problems, tools and ways for managing our health and also offers support to all those who require such information. It aims to give in-depth material and reference to people about health and medical subjects that matter to them.

WebMD is a source of timely and original health information that you may be looking for or wish to learn about. It has a team of certified physicians, journalists and trained community moderators who are completely dedicated to providing latest medical information to people and also maintaining up-to-date medical reference content databases.

5.     Medscape

This website is a provider of medical information for physicians, specialists, and industry professionals. Its mission is to provide healthcare professionals and physicians with comprehensive clinical information and resources in order to improve patient care.

Medscape is also one of the leading online platforms for medical professionals and the general public; where it offers essential drug and disease information, latest medical news and all the relevant professional education regarding health and medical related issues.

While these online websites are your best choices to learn more about medical and health related problems, the internet is full of online platforms that give you access to all information. Besides such websites, there are also books, journals, and apps that can provide you with all the health-related information that you need.

You can now educate yourself and take charge of your health by finding answers on the internet. However, you should always consult your doctor or the appropriate health specialist before following any advice that you receive on the internet.

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