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Top 7 Questions About Non-clinical Work in the Health Care Field Category: Job Search by - September 15, 2014 | Views: 42509 | Likes: 2 | Comment: 5  

Non-clinical work

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Health care professionals considering the transition into a non-clinical job often face a difficult decision. A number of important considerations arise. Here are the most crucial questions for health care providers who are thinking about searching for non-clinical work.

1. Can I return to patient care if a non-clinical job doesn't work out?

In most cases, you can return to patient care after a few years out of clinical practice. However, it is important to maintain licensure and board certification, even if your non-clinical position does not require an updated medical license. In some procedural sub-specialties, a minimum number of procedures are required for maintenance of certification. 

2. How can I get out of a medical malpractice tail?

In most instances, practitioners who are employed by large institutions receive tail coverage as part of reimbursement. However, self-employed physicians and providers who run group partnerships often have to pay a costly medical malpractice tail to cover any potential litigation after leaving practice. Even if a provider delivers the absolute gold standard in care, protection from lawsuits is vital. Some malpractice insurance companies charge lower fees for tail coverage for physicians who are over a specified age. Some medical malpractice insurance companies charge a discounted fee to cover the tail for physicians leaving for medical missions work.

3. What if the non-clinical job opportunity turns out to be a scam? 

This is a real possibility that can lead to wasted time and money. It is no secret that medicine is becoming more and more stressful for doctors and, unfortunately, dishonest scams are out there. It is important to research any job option thoroughly, to do your homework and to remember that if it sounds too good to be true — it probably is. Some clues to scams include jobs that require a financial investment from the physician, a strong sales pitch — ‘you are losing money if you postpone this lucrative opportunity,’ or promises of an ‘earth shattering revolution’ in health care.


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