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Dental products for home oral hygiene

We sometimes ignore our dental hygiene to the detriment of not only our dental health but also our overall health. Fortunately, there are some products on the market that can make teeth cleaning and care even easier. It is important to remember that consistency is the key to any good oral hygiene program. This should always include brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once per day.

Ultrasonic or Electric Toothbrush

These types of toothbrush provide the ability to reach places that most manual toothbrushes are unable to. Some of these toothbrushes also have a timer, ensuring that you are brushing at least for the minimum amount of time. These toothbrushes are especially helpful for patients with limited dexterity either from age or disease and for patients undergoing orthodontics. 

UltraSonic Toothbrushes generate between 30,000 and 40,000 brush strokes per minute. By comparison, manual toothbrushing can only generate 300 brush strokes per minute. The bristles also rotate in the recommended back and forth motion needed to clean teeth and gums properly. Another advantage of an ultrasonic toothbrush is that they have a patented cleaning action that actually directs fluid between teeth and below the gum line to gently remove plaque and food left behind.

Electric toothbrushes can generate between 3,000 and 7,500 brush strokes per minute. Electric brushes work by rotating in a circular motion to clean our teeth. Some even have a dual action with pulsating motion added in as well to facilitate plaque and food debris removal.

Although individual designs differ, the bristles in the brush head are typically either set in a circular format that rotates (the entire head rotates in unison) or individual tufts of bristles within the brush head spin independently. Some electric toothbrushes have both a rotating as well as a pulsating motion to help remove plaque and reduce gingivitis.

Water Irrigators with Periogen

The most common form is the Waterpik Ultra. These can be very helpful in maintaining the teeth and gums around braces, dental implants, and bridgework. Waterpiks are also good for those with periodontal pocketing. Research has shown that waterpiks can irrigate down to 6 mm to keep pockets clean and facilitate healing. The Waterpik is even more effective when combined with a new product called Periogen. Periogen is an oral rinse that removes tartar buildup between professional cleanings. The Waterpik aids in delivering the Periogen oral rinse below the gum line and in between teeth where it can be most effective.

Disclosing Solution

Once used strictly for children many adults now find it effective.The disclosing solution is used as a rinse and it will color plaque and food debris on your teeth making what you normally miss during brushing very visible. You are able to then remove  any residue of color remaining and know what you need to do next time. Many of us find visual cues helpful in maintaining dental hygiene.


Most people simply do not floss as often or as well as they should. The use of a handheld flosser can make it easier to floss. Flossers are also helpful for those with dexterity issues.

Tongue Scrapers

A major cause of bad breath is the dead cells and bacteria buildup on our tongues. Scraping your tongue nightly before bed can alleviate the majority of bad breath.


Dental hygiene is a necessary job that must be done regularly to be most effective. Utilizing some of the products can make the job even easier. Diligent at home care will also make dental visits a breeze and filled with compliments of how well you are doing at home!

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