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Pharmacy Job Descriptions

Congratulations! You got yourself a pharmacy degree, license, and curriculum vitae all ready to go.  Your next step is to get a J-O-B. Right? But are all pharmacy jobs created equal? When a listing says that they are looking for a new graduate from an accredited school who is willing to work flexible hours, what does that mean? In short, the employer is looking for a new Pharm. D. who will work the swing and graveyard shifts with an occasional weekend shift. Wouldn’t it be great if you could read a pharmacy job listing and actually know what they want? And maybe you’ll figure out if that’s what you want. The following list depicts the most common descriptions found in pharmacy job listings. 

Job Descriptions and Interpretations

New graduates from an accredited school          

The employer will likely require candidates with a Pharm. D. degree. You can expect the salary to be lower than other staff pharmacists based on no experience and no seniority.

Flexible hours, full-time or all shifts

You will get 36 to 40 work hours per week through swing, graveyard, and weekend shifts.

Flexible hours, part-time

The employer is looking to hire a pharmacist for weekends and evening shifts. Part-time status means you will get 20 hours of work per week. You will be called upon to cover vacations, sick days, and major holidays for full-time employees. Unlike full-time staff, the part-time staff does not get medical benefits.


Per-diem employees are convenient for the employer who occasionally needs a pharmacist to cover an open shift as a result of a sick day, vacation or an unexpected turn of events. There is no guarantee of work hours; you can work as little as one shift every three months or up to 40 hours a week. Like part-time staff, per-diems do not get any medical benefits. The benefit with per-diem status is that you can select which days you are willing to work. If the employer needs you during those selected days, you will be scheduled to work.

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