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Pharmacist order-entry

This is not a telecommute position or home-based position. Essentially, you are working at the hospital without physically being in the hospital. You must abide by the hospital’s policies and procedures and be proficient in verifying order entries for patients with whom you know little about. You should have access to the patient’s chart and be able to talk to the nurses and/or physicians if there are concerns.           


Exempt employees are paid on a regular basis like every 2 weeks. Exempt staff are typically in management and work on short and long-term projects. The amount of time for each project varies and thus, exempt employees are compensated regardless of time spent and not entitled to overtime pay.


Non-exempt employees are paid by the hour, from the time of clocking in, to clocking out. Productivity is based on the number of hours worked such as the number of prescriptions filled, the number of prescriptions picked up, and the number of successful treatment authorization requests. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, if you work beyond 40 hours per week, you are entitled to overtime pay.

7-off/7-on shift

This graveyard shift provides you 80 hours of work every 2 weeks. You work for 7 days straight at night. Each shift lasts 12 hours with a meal break. The schedule is very taxing on the body. However, if you are young and ambitious and have no problems “pulling all-nighters”, this position will suit you well.

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